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  • June 30 2016

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    June 30 2016

    SHDM offices will be closed July 1st, 2016

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  • June 6 2016

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    June 6 2016

    A return to residential stability for 120 people thanks to Projet logement Montréal and its partners

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  • May 6 2016

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    May 6 2016

    The SHDM gets involved with Montréal-based entrepreneurs for social innovation

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      The SHDM is a non-profit para-municipal corporation that is financially independent and operates without subsidies or funding from the Ville de Montréal.

      As an expert in responsible property investing, the SHDM is involved in a wide variety of projects that contribute to Montréal’s economic, social and cultural development.

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      The SHDM ensures the sustainability and affordability of a stock of 4,700 rental units.

      These rental units are not low-income housing (HLM) or luxurious accommodations: they meet the housing needs of over 8,000 Montrealers and contribute to the diversity and vitality of our neighbourhoods.

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      Through its Accès Condos program, the SHDM facilitates access to homeownership for those who wish to buy a home in Montréal.

      By accrediting affordable and quality projects in targeted areas, the SHDM contributes to the social and economic revitalization of neighbourhoods.

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      The SHDM’s flexibility, timeliness, financial capacity and a wide expertise, make us a partner of choice to undertake innovative and ambitious projects in Montréal.

      By undertaking projects and developing new business models, the SHDM shares its expertise and intervenes according to the needs of targeted projects for maximum impact on the community.


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